Green Credentials

mandarin fruit in potAt The Fresh Ingredient we are dedicated to preserving the environment in which we live.

We attempt, when possible, to purchase locally grown fruit, vegetables and grocery items. We believe that supporting local growers ensures that quality food will be available for our children and grandchildren. Most of the local growers we support use sustainable agricultural practices. They attempt to make the most efficient use of farm resources and integrate, where appropriate, natural biological cycles and controls.

The Fresh Ingredient uses bio-degradable, environmentally friendly cleaning and office materials and packaging. If this is not possible, we make a point of recycling and/or re-using materials.  When The Fresh Ingredient store was first envisaged, one of our main priorities was to save resources (& money). We achieved this by remodelling existing shelving, purchasing good quality used shelving & sourcing materials that would otherwise have ended up in landfill to create an attractive, but very environmentally friendly retail outlet.

The Fresh Ingredient is a member of the Newcastle Small Business Sustainability Initiative. This program encourages businesses to increase their energy and resource efficiency. Businesses involved in this initiative are given a ClimateCam star plaque. The plaque is a visual communication tool to show customers that the business is working towards improving its environmental footprint.

Each star received represents the achievement of a signi´Čücant environmental milestone. There are eight stars that businesses can work towards. In this way, customers and the broader community will be able to monitor a business’s progress towards becoming environmentally sustainable. At present The Fresh Ingredient has 6 stars. Commitment, Audit, Education, Energy Smart, Waste Smart, Water Smart.

The Fresh Ingredient is determined to minimise the amount of materials going to landfill. All food waste from The Fresh Ingredient goes to various community groups for use in worm farms, composting
or other organic material management. 

Food products from The Fresh Ingredient which are not attractive enough to sell, or have come close to use-by or best before dates are donated to Oz Harvest Newcastle. This food is distributed to various charities throughout Newcastle helping people in need to enjoy a nutritious meal in a safe environment.